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Gender Specific Sober Transitional Housing

Our mission at Delray Beach Halfway Houses is to support each person in their recovery and sobriety, and to help them build a fulfilling life.

Our halfway houses provide a serene sober living environment for women and men who are committed to their recovery.  Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, Delray Beach halfway houses offer the perfect place for recovering addicts and alcoholics to grow in their sobriety.  Our gender specific sober transitional housing is available for individuals who have recently completed drug and/or alcohol treatment and are interested in residing in a sober environment.  We are committed to helping clients as they learn to transition from treatment to independent sobriety.

At our sober homes, we understand that men and women have needs that differ when it comes to addiction and recovery. Our gender specific sober transitional housing helps give clients tools they need to build a solid foundation on recovery through the 12 Spiritual Principles of recovery, which include: Hope, Honesty, Courage, Integrity, Willingness, Justice, Humility, Faith, and Love for Others, Perseverance, Spirituality and Service.

Our gender specific sober transitional housing offers sober living for men and women in the early stages of recovery.  We offer a strong sense of community and believe that clients excel in recovery on the premise of one addict or alcoholic helps another.  Our safe, supportive environment is full of caring, professional staff members who are committed to the successful recovery of each client we serve.

The staff at our halfway house network in Delray Beach, FL, is 24/7 to address issues, offer support and enforce guidelines as they maintain a safe, sober environment.  In order to do so, our staff members maintain the following expectations of sober living residents:

  • abstain from using drugs and drinking alcohol
  • abide by all sober house guidelines
  • daily attendance of Twelve Step meetings
  • attendance of regular halfway house meetings
  • incorporate the 12 steps of recovery into daily routine, actions, behaviors and conversations
  • remain open to feedback from halfway house staff members
  • actively seek employment
  • volunteer time and services when not employed
  • fulfill a six month lease agreement

To learn more about gender specific transitional housing in Delray Beach, FL, contact us today by calling our hotline.  Speak with a member of our staff today to learn more about what our gender specific transitional housing has to offer for you and your recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.